After-School Technology Classes for Kids

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“Your class is my son’s favorite thing to do… he gets so much enjoyment out of it and looks forward to it more than anything else; Thanks for your energy and dedication to each of the students!!” – T.R.

“Our experience was very good. I think the content was engaging and a great mix of computer time as well as learning concepts with other materials (e.g. legos). You interacted very well with the kids, and your expectations for their attention and need for movement was appropriate.” – M.F.

“My 11-year-old son has recently joined the Junior Tech Academy. He has always been a creative kid, loves to figure out how things work, and has a strong interest in animation. This class has been perfect for him!  He looks forward to coming to class each week and says the projects are challenging but fun. I am so glad we found this program!” – J.K.

“Our 12 year old daughter loves Junior Tech Academy! It combines engineering, problem solving, computer programing, and creative out of the box thinking into one fun filled class. To prepare for life in the 21st century our kids need strong computing skills. Learning to code is useful no matter what your career ambitions are. We are glad we found this program. It really fills a gap in most schools curriculum, prepares our child for the future and is a ton of fun!” – J.S.