At Junior Tech Academy we believe that technology education is as important to your child’s development as the sports club or music school he/she is already signed up for. So why would you settle for an occasional summer camp or 6-weeks course to foster your child’s interests?

Junior Tech Academy is an ongoing program designed to gradually build your child’s knowledge of modern technology, just like a Dance, Football, Basketball or Gymnastics program trains your kid to improve over time. We start small, with simple projects teaching the foundations: programming, electronics, robotics, engineering and animation. As your child grows and her/his skills improve, Junior Tech Academy opens up new levels and challenges, be it composing your own electronic devices, solving real-world problems, or participating in competitions such as the FIRST LEGO League.

Our program offers great flexibility: sign up for a specific class slot and rotate through topics during the year, or pick and choose classes that best meet your child’s interests for a custom curriculum. The technology skills learned during our classes all relate to educational toys readily available – so your child can practice and experiment at home. Terms are 8 weeks, ideal to fill in the gap between other commitments if your child’s schedule is already quite full. Join one of our Summer Camp locations for great half-day camps. Your child will love it!