Video Game Design – Donkey Kong
Use your Scratch programming skills to build your own Donkey-Kong style video game. Focuses on Events, Conditional statements, variables, loops and object collision detection mechanisms in Scratch. Bring a Flashdrive and take your work home at the end!

Video Game Design – Space Shooter

Build an interactive Space Shooter game and defeat the UFO Overlord. Focuses on Object Animation, Events, variables, conditionals, collision detection and random events using the Scratch language. Bring a Flashdrive and take your work home at the end of class!

Video Game Design – Mario-style Platformer
Learn how to build a side-scrolling game in Scratch by making your own Mario-like platform game. Learn the basics of Parallax Scrolling and design your own fun jump & collect game.  Work home at the end of class! Besides basic programming principles such as loops and conditionals, this class introduces the concept of lists. Bring a Flashdrive and take your work home when done.

Minecraft Mania*
Polish up your Minecraft skills in this fun Minecraft class. Build a Minecraft Mask. Improve your RedStone circuit skills. Learn how to use NBT tags. Obtain server skills using WorldEdit. Play Hungergames against your classmates.
* This class does not require completion of our Introductory Class.

Minecraft Modding with ScriptCraft
Use your programming skills to mod Minecraft using the ScriptCraft plugin. This class teaches the basics of JavaScript programming within the Minecraft environment. Take your mods home using your flashdrive and impress your friends!

Exploring Electronics*
From basic electronic components to full circuits, this class takes you through the concepts behind everyday electronic devices. Fun science experiments combined with actual circuit building using SnapCircuits will get you familiar with resistors, batteries, capacitors and other cool electronic components.
* This class does not require completion of our Introductory Class.

Robot Review
Take a tour through various robotics platforms. Control different kinds of robots. Build your own (cardboard) robot. Use your programming skills to allow the robots to work on their own.

Mindstorms Battlebots
Design and build your own LEGO Mindstorms Battlebot, then battle against your classmates. Learn how to program LEGO Mindstorms. Learn various useful mechanisms that will improve your bot’s skills. Then prepare for battle!

Stop Motion Animation
Plan your own stop-motion movie. Make props and characters, then animate them on the computer to tell a story of your own design. Bring a flashdrive and take your movie home!

Engineering Principles in LEGO*
Explore various real-life engineering mechanisms by reconstructing them using LEGO. Gears, levers, differentials, bracing and other elemental construction techniques are reviewed using LEGO Technic.
*This class does not require completion of our Introductory Class.

Intermediate class**
Invitation-only class for more advanced Innovators. This class cycles through various technology subjects such as Unity game design, Programming in Python, Building a Web page and electronic circuit design.
** This class is open by invitation only.

Tech Exploration***
A fun, hands-on play experience using all sorts of technology tools such as robots, computer programming, LEGO engineering and basic electronic circuits.
*** This class is aimed at kids grades 1 and up and does not require completion of our Introductory Class.