Camp Location: The Seven Hills School

Cost: $180 per session (5 days)

Jun 26-30 AM: Video Game Design – Donkey Kong
(Ages 7-12)
Build your own Donkey-Kong style video game using the Scratch programming language. Focuses on Events, Conditional statements, variables, loops and object collision detection mechanisms in Scratch. Take your work home at the end!

Jun 26-30 PM: 3D Video Game Design using Unity
(Ages 11-12)
Use the Unity3D game development software to build a fun 3D game. Explore Game Design and programming concepts while building your game. Take your completed game home to play!

Jul 10-14 AM: Minecraft Mania! (Ages 7-12)
Polish up your Minecraft skills in this fun Minecraft class. Build a Minecraft Mask. Improve your RedStone circuit skills. Learn how to use NBT tags. Obtain server skills using WorldEdit. Play Hungergames against your classmates.

Jul 10-14 PM: Python Programming and Minecraft (Ages 10-14)
Get an introduction into programming using the Python Programming language and build your own fun contraptions and minigames in Minecraft Pi edition. Take your work home at the end of class.

Jul 17-21 AM: Make your own Animated movie (Ages 7-12)
Plan your own stop-motion movie. Make props and characters, then animate them on the computer to tell a story of your own design. Take your movie home!

Jul 24-28 AM:  Robotics Exploration (Ages 7-10)    
Take a tour through various robotics platforms. Control different kinds of robots. Build your own (cardboard) robot. Use your programming skills to allow the robots to work on their own.

Jul 24-28 PM: Mindstorms Battlebots (Ages 10-14)
Design and build your own LEGO Mindstorms Battlebot, then battle against your classmates. Learn how to program LEGO Mindstorms. Learn various useful mechanisms that will improve your bot’s skills. Then prepare for battle!