Camp Location: Mathnasium Blue Ash

Cost: $110 per session (4 days/8 hours – Tuesday & Friday 5pm-7pm for 2 weeks)

May 30, Jun 2, Jun 6, Jun 9 5pm-7pm: Mindstorms Battlebots
(Ages 9-14)
Design and build your own LEGO Mindstorms Battlebot, then battle against your classmates. Learn how to program LEGO Mindstorms. Learn various useful mechanisms that will improve your bot’s skills. Then prepare for battle!

Jul 18, Jul 21, Jul 25, Jul 28 5pm-7pm: Minecraft Mania!
(Ages 9-14)
Polish up your Minecraft skills in this fun Minecraft class. Build a Minecraft Mask. Improve your RedStone circuit skills. Learn how to use NBT tags. Obtain server skills using WorldEdit. Play Hungergames against your classmates.