About Junior Tech Academy

Junior Tech Academy provides kids in grades 1-8 a fun but educational introduction into the principles behind modern technology. Our teaching philosophy is based on the same principles as sports education: continuous practice and skill development in an environment that allows each child to find his or her own pace. We encourage teamwork and stimulate guided exploration based on your child’s interests. Our program’s courses range from beginner to advanced covering Programming, Electronics, Robotics, Engineering and Animation.

What classes do you offer?

Junior Tech Academy (JTA) offers an ongoing curriculum of technology education classes. Throughout the year, kids enrolled in the program will participate in several projects exposing them to various aspects of technology, such as programming, electronic circuit design and principles, graphic design, robotics and engineering.

Children new to the program will begin with an introductory class (Introduction to Computers and Coding) to get them up to speed with the fundamentals, and will join previously enrolled kids in the ongoing program once the introductory class has been completed.

Classes will be offered at different grade levels – Grades 1&2, Grades 3-5 and Grades 6+. Grade 1&2 classes are 1 hour per week, the other grade level classes have 2 hours of instruction per week. As kids progress in their understanding they will move up through the program. Additional class levels (intermediate, advanced) will be introduced once sufficient students have reached these levels.

What topics will be covered? Can you give some examples?

During the year the class will tackle several projects, each taking up several weeks of effort. These projects will cover several of the key technology concepts, varying in scope between them. A few examples (NOTE these are provided for illustration purposes only and are subject to change):

  • We design and build a Super Mario Brothers style video game where the children design their character, backgrounds and obstacles and code the game logic, all using the Scratch programming language. Once done, they will use SnapCircuits electronics kits to build a controller for the game.
  • We will build a LEGO(tm) Mindstorms robot and program it to complete a number of tasks.
  • Using Minecraft, we will construct Redstone circuits to help our understanding of logic circuits as used in electronics.
  • We build complex Technic LEGO models and analyze the function of all the components, tying the model back to real-world mechanisms.


What teaching tools and materials are used for this program?

We will use materials from a number of sources, such as:

Teaching Tools

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